Text over rainbow pride flag "Queering History" by Maggie Keenan-Bolger


Congratulations to the actors cast in Queering History by Maggie Keenan-Bolger, directed by Paige Tufford, a staged reading production Oct. 13-15 in the Black Box Theatre.

The cast features Molly Sullivan as Emma; Bob Fluke as Mr. Supnik; Vahlaree Aiden Kakela as Kinsey Scale; and the remaining cast members each playing several roles — Brandon Dinh: Carson, Rude Paul, David Hero-To; Dillon Smith: Walt Whitwoman, Manderson Cooper, Javonne; Lee Flowers: Oscar Wilder, Brandon, David B Hate; Olivia Hines: Ms. Audre Lorde, Anita; and Jamerra Kates: Ellen Degenerate, Rachel Mad as Hell, Jenny.

The story begins with Emma, a quiet, unobtrusive high school student who also happens to be queer. Her high school history class is turned upside down by a visit from her ‘Fairy Queen Godmother,’ Kinsey Scale, and his Gaggle of Historical Gays. Written in collaboration with LGBTQIA+ homeless youth, Queering History explores how our world might be different if LGBTQIA+ history was taught in our schools.

A special Queering+ History Month Celebration at LCC event is being organized for early October on campus featuring a conversation with the playwright, scenes from the show, and stories from local LGBTQ+ leaders and students. Check back – details will be posted soon!

For more information, contact tuffordl@lcc.edu or call 517-483-1122.