Please Stay: A Call for Suicide and Depression Awareness


Please Stay: A Call for Depression and Suicide Awareness is a video program created by Lansing Community College faculty, students and staff using various artforms to increase awareness about suicide and depression, available for viewing at

Please Stay was produced by LCC Performing Arts with Counseling Services and a multidisciplinary team to help destigmatize mental health challenges and to encourage people who are struggling to seek the help they deserve and need. The program uses poetry, music, drama, dialogue and dance to explore the pain of mental health struggles, offer reflections and resources, and heed the very human call for help with compassion and support.

Related is a recording of the Oct. 27 Facebook Live led by Student Engagement Coordinator Mike McGinnis with LCC staff Louise Rabidoux and Timothy Davis on topics including mental health concerns, services to help students, and emergency response processes on campus. The session includes an introduction to the Please Stay program by producers Jon Ten Brink and Melissa Kaplan, followed by some discussion.