A group of black and white men talking at a lunch counter

Let’s talk about AI

Artificial Intelligence… academic integrity… artistic innovation. The Spring 2023 Take A Stand! Sit In! forum is all about AI. Let’s talk!

Artificial Intelligence has sparked much research and experimentation, and many reactions, both positive and negative. On April 11, 2023, guest artists and LCC faculty will explore issues and opportunities with you at this semester’s Take A Stand! Sit In!

The virtual forum is free and open to all via WebEx, beginning at 10 am with a short welcome, followed by four 60-90 minute sessions. We count on you to join in, sharing what you know and what you want to learn.

Sessions will be led by Mother Cyborg, a Detroit-based artist, DJ and educator; Dylan Glynn, a painter, author and animator in Toronto, Canada; Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett, a digital media maker and LCC composition instructor; and Brad Hicks, LCC Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities.

Visit https://takeastand.openlcc.net/ for the complete schedule, session descriptions and the WebEx link.

Inspired by the Scholar Strike Initiative, LCC’s Take A Stand! Sit In! was established in Fall 2020, and takes place at least once each academic year. LCC employees and invited guest artists present sessions related to social justice, equity, or race that reflect their passion on a subject, engage our LCC community in activities or discussions, and promote a greater degree of clarity on a contemporary issue. The forum begins and ends with featured artists, reflecting our commitment to incorporating community and creative voices into these learning conversations. 

Recent sessions included director-hosted film showings, workshops using spoken word, moth-styled storytelling, zine-making and playwriting, discussions with faith leaders about empathy and equity, geographic/educational redlining, confronting implicit biases as fat liberation, mental health as human health, and more.

Take A Stand! Sit In! offers a platform for others to Sit In if you are willing to Take A Stand!

Take A Stand! Sit In! is supported by the Arts and Sciences Division, the LCC Foundation and a Star Day of Giving grant.