A wooden path through wild flowers


Bringing together the LCC community to create poems exploring a wide variety of issues and topics.

The LCC Community-Generated Poetry Project joins dozens – sometimes hundreds – of contributors in creating poems. The project team selects a theme and collaborates on written prompts, which are then distributed to participants. The answers to those prompts become the source material for poems that are collaged either by an English class, a group of faculty, or a group of faculty, students and community members.

Since its launch in the Spring of 2018 by Poetry Project creator Barb Clauer, Poetry Projects have focused on such themes as homelessness, racial disparity, building community and protest music. Poetry Project activities have been a part of Office of Diversity and Inclusion events including the Malcolm X Symposium and Student Summit, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations such as We Shall Overcome: Raising Our Voices Together, the Inspiration Exchange, and the Visiting History Scholar Series including Dr. Robin Morris and Dr. Kevin Gannon.  

Learn more and enjoy some of the poems at https://poetryproject.openlcc.net