Riverwalk Theatre

Riverwalk to the rescue!

Riverwalk Theatre saved LCC Theatre’s production of “I Knock at the Door” from cancellation.

When LCC’s sudden network shutdown and campus closure was required to investigate a cybersecurity incident on March 15, it meant that LCC Theatre’s next play would also be shut down. “I Knock at the Door” was scheduled for its final dress rehearsal that evening to open March 16 for only three performances.

Director Andy Callis quickly began calling other venues, finding much good will but not one single place that could house more than one performance. Cast member Gini Larson offered to contact the Riverwalk Theatre manager, Mike Siracuse, who advised Gini to email Riverwalk board president, Brian Farnum. Within hours, the board voted unanimously to welcome LCC Theatre into their space.

This quick and generous support saved the show, and performances were held March 17-18. It’s not the first time Riverwalk has opened its doors to a theatre in trouble; last summer, they hosted several plays for Over the Ledge when their facility was unavailable.

LCC and Riverwalk have a long-standing relationship as our students and alumni regularly perform in and work backstage on Riverwalk productions. LCC Theatre is so fortunate to be part of an incredible theatre community, and gives great thanks to Mike Siracuse, Brian Farnum and the entire board at Riverwalk Theatre!